Home Buying Made SIMPLE

Determining Your Target Area

What’s important to you? Schools? Restaurants? Ease of Access to Work? Public Transportation

We want to know what your daily life is like to help us focus in on a specific area or areas that will suite your needs.

Determining Your Budget

This is two-fold. Once we identify your target area, we need to know what type of payments you’re looking to make. Taking in to consideration principle, interest, taxes, insurance and HOAs if you’re looking at a condo. We do this by connecting you to our lender vendors. We have vetted our lenders to ensure a few things. They are easy to communicate with, they deliver on what they promise, and they can get the job done!

The Right Home For You

Now that we know where you’re looking and what your price point is we can focus in on the dwelling itself. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are the easy ones? Do you need parking, or is street parking ok? Do you have pets? Do you need in unit laundry or would it suffice to be in the building? Outdoor space? Central air conditioning? What about heat?

We’ve pretty much developed your profile at this point and are going to send you matches to your requests. We’ll schedule showings on your behalf. Keep in mind that a lot of places are occupied and need at least 24 hours’ notice. We can accommodate shorter notice when it’s possible.

It may take time to find a perfect match for you. Inventory has been tight for a while. You may not find the perfect match your first day out. It does happen, and that’s okay!

We Make It Simple

Once we have found your perfect house the fun begins, and it becomes a whirlwind. Don’t panic! This is where we shine. We will:

  • Create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine fair market value for the property.
  • Review keys terms and dates while drafting an offer (Earnest Money/Escrow, Tax Prorations, and Closing Date).
  • Communicate with listing side for any information they can provide (the biggest here is determining what the sellers ideal closing date it).
  • We will negotiate to see if we can come to common ground, if necessary.
  • Once we have an agreement we will immediately work on scheduling your inspection, either with an inspector you’ve used before, or one of our vendors.

From that point, our job sits on the back burner a little, but we’re definitely still active on your transaction. There will be inspection requests made through the attorneys. Our input is taken in to consideration, along with your own. There will be a ton of conversation at this point. At the same time the attorney is working on making sure the title is clear in order to close. There are a handful of other documents we’re working on obtaining for your review as well (HOAs documents in a condo or a survey for detached homes). Also, during this point, the loan officer is going to schedule their appraisal.

Now that we’re clear with all of the legal paperwork and the loan is progressing well enough, we still have some work to do. Are there any changes you’d like to make to the property? Meet another one of our vendors. If it’s a gut rehab, we have General Contractors for you. Do you need a toilet replaces? Meet one of our handymen! Basically, anything that you need, we “have someone for that.” And those people, again, are vetted to our standards to make sure the job is complete at a fair cost

Closing On Your Home

Finally, the week of closing is upon us! Expect a closing checklist to get utilities switched in your name. We’ll work with your schedule to figure out a closing time that works for you. If your closing requires a wire transfer, we’ll go over that. The day before closing or the morning of, we’ll run through the property you’re about to purchase to make sure everything that is supposed to be there is there, and everything that was supposed to be done, is done. Then, all there is left if to sit at the closing table and sign all of the closing documents. Expect that to take an hour or two.

Handy Home Buying Checklist

  • Initial consultation
  • Pre-approval
  • Touring property
  • Writing an offer
  • Negotiate offer
  • Inspection
  • Attorney Review
  • Loan Documents
  • Schedule closing
  • Final Walkthrough